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Code of Conduct


The Dread Warrior captains and administration have the right and responsibility to enforce and monitor compliance with the Code of Conduct, investigate and determine violations of the Code and impose sanctions where violations have occurred.


Inappropriate behavior or misconduct by a player will require the team to take appropriate disciplinary actions. The following behaviors and actions are contrary to the Code of Conduct and will result in sanctions against the offending team member.


Sanction(s) will reflect the severity of the misconduct or violation and any previously levied sanctions.

Disciplinary sanctions normally will be progressive in nature. However, the circumstances of the misbehavior or the nature or severity of the misconduct may result in the immediate imposition of a more significant sanction up to and including expulsion from the Team

The following sanctions may be imposed upon a player found to have violated the Player Code of Conduct. A record of any and all sanctions imposed on a player will be maintained in the player’s file.

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