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2v2 SND MW

1. Get a duo squad together
2. See here below and register your squad.
3. Cut off for registration Sat 13:00
4. Check in starts at 17:00 till 17:30

1. Starts 18:00
2. Winning team to submit score.
3. Best out of 3 bracket elimination
4. Maps and Bracket will be released at 17:45
5. CDL rules ONLY
6. NO attachments allowed
7. Results announced same day, To check history please keep a look out in the #:fire: 2v2-snd in our discord server.
9. Should there be any issue (lag, weapons not showing ect) host to stop the match and restart
10. ALL player to please be in the discord server, !!IMPORTANT!!

NB: when registering please use the gamer tag and the # and email address and please make sure to read the rules and information regarding the event.

Q&A – Please direct them in the #📞need-help channel in our discord server.


Nov 27 2021


6:00 pm

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